Total Women’s Cycling: Santini Kit Review

It’s been a busy time for trialling summer collections released by Italian cycling firms, so it seems. Following on from Sportful’s complete kit for gravel riding, these two pieces were a contrast as out-and-out road cycling attire.


First up, the REA 2.0 bib shorts. A staple of every road cyclist’s summer wardrobe, these black shorts surprised me, with the supreme level of comfort and attention to detail in the finish far surpassing other models in the same price bracket.

At only £81, they rival bib shorts marketed at twice the price, with a chamois that leaves you feeling just as fresh after 80 miles as when you first hopped on. The combined use of compression fabrics and a seamless leg hem meant that the shorts were also flattering and well fitting.


The second half of this summer outfit was the Queen of the Mountains Jersey. It’s a technical summer jersey that’s best placed on the long, heated climbs of the Alps or your favourite Mallorcan ascent, but that doesn’t mean that it’s redundant for summer riding in the UK.

A thin mesh panel across the back helps to keep you cool, and five jersey pockets that extend around the sides makes plenty of space to store your essentials. The jersey doesn’t have a zip pocket, which let’s it down a little. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but the styling is very detailed, with a range of colours to choose from, including a pink and peppermint green. Arguably not as kind on your purse as the bib shorts, this jersey will set you back £77.





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