Total Women’s Cycling Review: FWE Coldharbour Winter Jacket and Gloves

Back in January as I set out in my new life and picking up a cycling commute was the perfect time to start testing winter gear from FWE. This Evan’s Cycles own brand winter jacket and gloves had a thorough test across Somerset, from the Blackdown Hills back lanes to the busy inner town roads of Taunton and Bridgewater. Through wind, rain, heavy frost and even a little falling snow, they certainly had plenty to contend with.

I’d never worn hi-viz before, having resisted the super bright shade for as long as possible all in the name of shameless vanity. Yet here my mind was changed – perhaps the flattering fit, and that secure feeling of doing more to make yourself seen on dark, wintery or busy urban roads. A fantastic commuter choice for shorter distances, but for training rides I’d choose the dhb Aeron Storm every time.

The gloves were almost great – warm, waterproof and not too bulky – surely everything you’re seeking in a winter glove? Unfortunately not, as the short cuffs just left me with a wrist gap and chills on every ride. Needless to say these haven’t made the cut for another outing since.

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