Stage 6: Saint Malo to Saint Brieuc, 76 miles

6th July 2016.



It was a lovely breakfast with Marie, the Swiss girls and the guy from Chile with coffee, toast with crème de burre sale and a locally produced creamy yoghurt. I had a restful morning not leaving until 10am, knowing that I had only 60 miles or so planned for the day to get to Saint Brieuc, which having passed through a few months before with work and been fascinated by I was eager to explore. The plan was to stick along the North Brittany coast, so I headed out over the bridge to Dinard and pootled into the gorgeous seaside town to stock up on the latest map from the Office de Tourisme.


I hugged the coastline, passing through beautiful towns such as Saint Lunaire, Saint Briac-sur-Mer, Ploubalay, Notre-Dame-de-Guildo and on to Matignon. I found several markets today, firstly stopping around mid-morning for a peach to keep my energy up. Such gorgeous, ripe and refreshing fruits in France and always so disappointing at home!



The second market I found was in Matignon at mile 25. I was already ready for some lunch so had great fun going from the boulangerie for my baguette to the lovely lady on the cheese stall who cut me some local cheddar-type fromage and then to the greengrocers who sliced me a tomato for my baguette.



I was feeling quite tired from the big day yesterday. Taking it steady, I went on around the beautiful Cap de Frehel, the headland stretching out into the channel under blue skies and round even bluer seas. You can ride right out to the tip which is a tourist honeypot, where I met a lovely British couple in their VW Campervan over for the Tour – unmistakable with the bright green Skoda cap from the Tour caravans. We had a good chat and they even offered me some lunch and donated me another of the freebie laundry sachets!




The coastal road out of Frehel was great fun, a brilliant new road winding down to Erquy, a lovely seaside town where I stopped for a well-deserved icecream!



The last 30 miles took me into Brieuc to explore and find some dinner but I couldn’t find anywhere decent to have a good, yet not too expensive meal, so I headed on to my AirBnB in Tregeux. With little option left, I had another kebab, which was actually really tasty and filling. I spent a quiet evening in my rather simple AirBnB but was glad of the rest. Another quite big day of 76 miles, I was soon ready to turn in.


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