Katherine’s Grand Depart – a tourer’s diary

722 miles, over 40,000ft climbing, 2 stages of the Tour de France, 9 Airbnbs, 2 countries, 4 counties, 2 ferries, 12 peaches and countless awesome people. Learning how to cycle tour by making all the mistakes but super proud to have made it solo against all the odds.

Thank you to all for your help and encouragement, so amazing to have met so many of you along the way.


Stage 1: Exeter to Poole, 105 miles

Stage 2: Cherbourg to Utah Beach to Le Vast, 58 miles

Stage 3: Le Vast to Barfleur to Cherbourg, 40 miles

Stage 4: Cherbourg to Saint Lo, 70 miles

Stage 5: Saint Lo to Saint Malo, 103 miles

Stage 6: Saint Malo to Saint Brieuc, 76 miles

Stage 7: Saint Brieuc to Quimper, 103 miles

Stage 8: Quimper to Brest, 56 miles

Stage 9: Brest to Roscoff, 50 miles

Stage 10: Plymouth to Exeter, 47 miles







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